Creative Photo Walks

Zoom with your legs

The Wicked tooth peak Maljovitca area in Central Rila mountain. Western Rila mountain. Seven Lakes area. The new two chair lift to Rila Lakes chalet. Seven Lakes area the Lake hill. Small pyramids made of flat stones which tourists make to commemorate their visits here. Central Rila mountain. One of Maljovitca lakes and the path towards the peak. Six of the Seven Rila lakes and lakes hill. The crystal clear water of an alpine lake and tourists reflections on its surface. Sunflower fields.

Nick Kolev

My name is Nick Kolev and I am a software developer with many years of experience. I also manage software projects and worked with teams in different countries.

I am native from Bulgaria, which explains why I want to do these photowalks there. Right now I live in Los Angeles. Before settling in California I was for 12 years in Toronto, Canada.

Recently, I found myself more and more interested in the art of trapping light reflections in small rectangles. I was using my Panasonic DMC-FZ50 to do that, which is an extremely nice camera and it worked very well for me for the last 4-5 years.

During these years I learned a lot about how to work with my camera to get better images. I switched to other modes than automatic. In fact, now I almost never shoot in auto mode anymore - I find it too restrictive and hard to use, when you want to make your picture interesting.

The process of learning the digital photography art is long and for me it resulted in many many bad pictures and lost moments. I wished that I had somebody with me, at least time to time, to guide me trough my learning and give me advices what I need to do in all these different light conditions, action situations and places to get better results.

This is how I thought of creating photowalks, for people that are advanced amateur photographers, and have a professional or advanced fellow photographer join the photowalk to teach the group the art of photography. Most important of all, this needs to be a hands-on 'course' with live situations and conditions.

Recently, I upgraded to Canon 7D. I am much more comfortable playing with the manual mode of my camera, but still want to learn more. A good picture is not just making the proper choices for shutter speed and aperture. It requires composition and angle, so when you catch the moment you can make your statement clear and pleasant for the eye.

I hope I made my point why I want to organize photowalks with a skilled photographer. Hope you will join me and my friends for nice photowalks in Bulgaria and have lots of fun while improve your skills as a photographer.